It’s always difficult to present himself, so I use a text from a third part:

“Bruno Medicina, 52 years old, is a performance coach and a professional salesman with about 30 years of experience in different kinds of sales, from “door to door” activities at the beginning of his career to international corporate negotiations.

In the last five years his selling activity was centered on real estate transactions in Monaco and the French and Italian Riviera.

With a solid background in formal psychology and a broad range of training in less formal domains (Neuro-linguistic Programming, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Coaching, Peak Performance, Total Quality Management, Martial Arts, Fire-walking, etc.), he likes to share his professional expertise.
Thus, he is having an intense activity as speaker, trainer and coach, with a special attention, of course, for the sales domain.

In addition to standard training repertory, Bruno has developed a new set of original seminars that includes high impact experiences such as firewalking (Ignite your life seminar) – and boardbreaking (FLY – Find the Leader in You seminar) and he also offers a completely original selling seminar – reserved to advanced salesmen – where he explores the practical applications in sales of the latest discoveries in Evolutionary Psychology, Games Theory, Neuromarketing and Neuromemetics.

At the moment, he is developing a revolutionary seminar – Fluxogenic Training – based on the latest research on “in flow state” and its potential use in business, sport and daily life.”