FLY – Find the Leader in You

Discover your personal charisma Get rid of internal obstacles
Direct people and resources toward a common purpose

Leadership means to create order from chaos. It means to take different resources, people, events that act independently and with different goals and to give them a commonvision and a common direction.
When all the components of a system move in the same direction and there are not blocks and strains, then there is the maximum of effectiveness.But, to achieve this result, we need much more than some cheap techniques which give us the pretension to influence and to manipulate the other people.

Leadership means, in the first place, to work on oneself; it means that the first resources that need to be oriented and focused are just the inner personal resources:

-can’t lead someone who doesn’t know how to lead himself

-can’t offer a vision to others who hasn’t one for himself

-can’t show a direction to others when they haven`t got one for themselves

When the power proceedes from inside to outside, there is coherence and alignment between personal level and higher levels and the leader manifests an energy and an attraction that automatically sets in motion the needed resources; then, the leadership becomes a natural consequence of this energy and attraction, something that is usually known as “charisma”.

Only at this point, after this nucleus of power has been found, the usual management techniques give results; and often there is no need of any technique: the system formed by the leader and the resources, now alligned into a common direction, will express the maximum power toward the chosen goal. It will be “in flow”.

The “FLY seminar” (Find the Leader in You) will help you find and develop your potential as leader, to allign the different part of oneself, to discover how our goals can be achieved only when they will be alligned with goals of higher level, to get ride of internal blocks that boycott our performance.

After we have done this kind of work on ourselves, after we have found our personal charisma, we will see how easy will be to communicate our vision and to coordonate in the desired direction people and resources.

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