In search of the inner diamond

diamondA man had a diamond, of which he reminded the beauty and splendor, but over the years it had become covered with so much dust, filth and dirt that it looked as an ordinary stone.
And it seemed so ugly to him that he didn’t dare show it to anyone. But one day, he had an idea: he bought some blue paint and painted the diamond until it was completely covered. Of course, it no longer had the slightest gloss, but at least it was no longer so ugly, and he was no longer ashamed to show it in public.We too have a diamond. It is the best part of us, the most authentic, the freest, the one through which we can have access to the capital represented by our talents and our resources, the one through which we can have access to creativity, to genius, to love,…

Our diamond is covered by layers of doubts too, by fears, jealousy, false beliefs, inhibitions, holders, and when we look at it, we don’t like it and we are ashamed to show it. Even worse, we hide it under a conventional mask that has nothing to do with what we really are, and obviously that has not the slightest splendor, but that seems to us more acceptable and attractive. We even come to identify with this mask.

The discovery of the inner diamond is an alchemical process that never ends, a bumpy path toward the most profound part of the self, a path that can be difficult and painful, particularly if – in addition to all that has been imposed to us by parents, society, priests, teachers, media – we must also break down the protective walls builded by ourselves. It’s a path that requires determination and courage, but it deserves to be walked on. Actually, it is the only path that worths the effort. After all, if you don’t find yourself, then what else is there to be found? How much would it matter to you to see how persuasive the lie you`re hiding under is, if you can’t see a glimpse of light beneath?

I’d very much like to tell you how I found my inner diamond, and to offer a miraculous recipe that will lead to enlightenment and freedom. Unfortunately, I struggle every day with annoying tasks, problems, hypocrisy, lies, despair, nervousness, self deception, like any other person on this planet. And very often I don’t have the slightest idea of how this alleged diamond might look, provided that it exists, let alone to show it in public.

Nevertheless, in the midst of this mud I sometimes see a spark and, however tiny and short, I realize that it is a spark of infinity, which indicates a direction and tells me that the path should be walked on.

Follow that sparks!

A warm hug


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